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Christ Fellowship Today: O Worship the King

Hi, I’m Scott Terry. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Christ Fellowship Today!

Matthew tells us it was shortly after Jesus was born that the Magi, wise and important men from nations far away, journeyed to Jerusalem for one explicit purpose; to find Jesus and worship Him. What prompted their long, costly trip? How did they learn about Jesus in the first place? Why would they worship Jesus, whom they called the King of the Jews?

When we strip away all of the interesting details of this account, we’re left with one obvious conclusion. God brought these people to worship His Son. God had revealed the birth of Jesus the Messiah in Scripture. He had revealed the place of the Messiah in history; Jewish Kings lived in Jerusalem. And, the timing of Jesus birth was shone by a star in the heavens. After bringing the Magi to worship Jesus, God even gives them safe directions home in a dream.

From beginning to end, God has orchestrated worship for His glorious Son from all peoples of the world. Jesus is the King who deserves our homage and delight. He is the King who, by His willing sacrifice on the cross in our place, has saved His people from their sin. It’s by faith that we become His people; His loyal subject. Jesus is the King of all kings who alone is worthy to be praised.

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