Choose your favorite way to give to Christ Fellowship.

Here are three ways that make it easy to give. Pick the option that works best for you.  And thanks! 

Option 1: Give in Person

Drop your cash or check in the Giving Box in the back of the sanctuary.

Or, mail your check to 7 Braeburn Ave. South Portland, ME 04106. 

Option 2: Set Up an Automatic Recurring Check

Check with your bank (call or go on-line) to schedule a check to be mailed to the church through the automatic bill pay feature. You decide how much and how often.

Most banks provide this service for free. (Direct, electronic funds tansfer is not available at this time.) Christ Fellowship Church is the payee and the address is 7 Braeburn Ave. South Portland, ME 04106.

Option 3: Give Online

Click the “Give” button and set up your online gift right here, right now.

Thank you for your generous support of the gospel ministry of Christ Fellowship Church!