We are followers of Jesus who hold to the historic, orthodox beliefs of Christianity recovered in the Protestant Reformation.  But "what we believe" is best expressed in our emphasis of five distinct beliefs that we think matter today more than ever. 

The Bible matters

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that all of the Bible points to Jesus Christ. From beginning to end, the Bible is true and is sufficient for our understanding of salvation.

Saving faith matters

We believe that faith in Jesus Christ, not personal works or merit, is the only way to eternal life. We also believe that true faith is a faith that works. Saving faith always shows itself in tangible works of love and kindness towards one another.

God's grace matters

We believe that God initiates grace. In His kindness God awakens people to their sin and grants them faith and the ability to repent. Therefore, God receives 100% of the credit for His grace to us.

The gospel matters

We believe that sinners are saved through the message of the gospel. The good news of Jesus Christ is God's chosen means to save people and build his kingdom. God has given the church the job of proclaiming the gospel to all the peoples of the world.

Love matters

We believe that our love for one another is the distinguishing mark of true Christianity. We are to love one another as Christ has loved us. Our love for one another is tangible evidence of our love for God. It is proof that the gospel is the transforming power of God.