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Christ Fellowship Today: Do you believe Jesus is the Prince of Peace?

Hi, I’m Scott Terry. Happy New Year from Christ Fellowship Today.

Do you really believe that Jesus is the Prince of Peace?

As we begin this New Year, there are a lot of things going on that bring hostility between people. War, terrorism, and murder. Political change and social unrest. Economic breakdowns and financial mismanagement. In America, secularism is advancing in its push to eradicate the sanctity of human life, to erase the sanctity of marriage, and even to blur those very basic gender distinctions that are assigned by God to every person at conception.

We are involved in a clash of worldviews which brings out two tendencies. The first tendency is to either hide fear, or to polarize in anger. Neither is acceptable. We have the right of every citizen to exercise our faith and to participate in our nation’s democratic process. So, do it.

The other tendency is to spend our time pointing the finger at the culture. The problem isn’t that culture is behaving like culture. The problem is that the church often doesn’t behave like the church should. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is on a disciple-making mission, knowing that true peace comes only by faith in the Prince of Peace.

Some things are better caught than taught, which is why the Apostle Paul admonishes the church saying, “Live in peace with one another.” The acts and attitudes of true peace begin in Christian hearts. The church is to be a strong and courageous display of peace to those who have no peace.

Be strong and courageous. Come worship Jesus Christ this Sunday at 10:00am at Christ Fellowship Church.