Christ Fellowship Church is a gospel-centered church in the greater Portland area. We chose the name Christ Fellowship to reflect our vision of a church that lives out God's Greatest Commandments.


We want to be people who really do love God! We gather on Sunday mornings to worship God the Father, through God the Son, by the power of God the Spirit. We want to welcome others hear and believe the gospel and to rub elbows with the family of God. But, honestly, Sunday morning is easy part. Even more, we long to live our lives at home, at work, in school and around town in the same power and grace in which we worship on Sunday. Not perfection, but working out our faith in all aspects of life with humility, forgiveness and joy. Here, in the daily grind and confusing circumstances we all face, we strive to live in a manner worthy of our Lord.


By God's grace, we're a church where the people actually like each other! Jesus has commanded us to love one another just as he has loved us. So, our fellowship gatherings are gospel-saturated. We teach and pray and live the gospel whenever we get together; home fellowship groups, men's breakfasts, ladies fellowship nights, young adult ministries, prayer meetings... you name it. We are growing in our willingness and ability to connect with others and build friendships. We are serving and caring for one another in meaningful and tangible ways.



The church is the people of God for whom Christ died. We long to be faithful in living out God's Greatest Commandments. Loving God in Christ and Loving One Another in Fellowship - Christ Fellowship Church.