Christ Fellowship Church is a Christ-centered church in the greater Portland area. We chose the name Christ Fellowship to reflect our vision of a church that lives out God's Greatest Commandments.


We seek to be a church where the people really do love God. We gather on Sunday mornings to praise the Creator; the giver of life and all good things. We want to welcome others to come witness the family of God and to learn about His gospel. But, Sunday morning is really the easy part. We long to live our lives at home, at work, in school and around town with the same robust love for our savior, Jesus Christ. Not perfection, but seeking to do our best to walk through all aspects of life with patience, kindness, humility, forgiveness and joy. Here, in the daily grind and confusing circumstances we all face, we strive to live our lives as worship to God.


By God's grace, we're a church where the people actually like each other! We want to be the kind of people who come early on Sunday mornings to help prepare for the worship gathering. We have a cup of coffee and mingle after the service; catching up with one another. We feel Sunday is the best day of the week, because we are together. But Sunday is the easy day. We also meet in small groups one night each week to discuss the Sunday message and apply God's wisdom to their lives. It's not another class. It's how Christians connect and build friendships. We also seek to pray for one another and care for one another in tangible and meaningful ways.


This is who we strive to be: people living out God's Greatest Commandments.
Loving God in Christ and Loving One Another in Fellowship - Christ Fellowship Church.