The Gospel is the message of life in the face of death. It's the message of eternal life in Jesus Christ.


God created everything that exists and he created people to reflect his perfect moral image. As the creator of the universe and the giver of all life, God is worthy of obedience, respect and thanksgiving. The first point of the gospel is that God created you and holds you accountable to his moral law.


Everyone has ignored God and broken his moral law. The punishment for breaking God's law is death. No one likes to admit they are wrong, let alone that they deserve death. But the second point of the gospel is that you have personally broken God's law and he has justly condemned you to death.


Jesus is God's perfect son, the only person to fulfill God's law. When Jesus died on the cross in place of real law breakers, God accepted Jesus' sacrifice as payment for their death penalty. When Jesus rose from the dead, his eternal life proved he had conquered the power of sin and death. The third point of the gospel is that Jesus satisfied God's justice on law breakers and offers eternal life to all who believe in him. 


The gospel is a summons to repentence and faith in Jesus. To repent is to stop breaking God's law. To place your faith in Jesus is to believe in his death, burial and resurection on your behalf. The fourth point of the gospel is that even though you are a law breaker, you can be justified by faith in Jesus.

There is a cure for death - it's life. Believe in Jesus and his gospel and live!