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Christ Fellowship Today: Son of David

Finding Jesus in a long line of failures...

Why would Matthew take a great story like the birth of Jesus and start it with a boring list of hard to pronounce names like Rehoboam and Jehoshaphat? Well, in addition to those names, we find that Jesus is a descendent of King David.

In fact, Matthew writes that Jesus is the son of David. Here’s why that’s exciting. Because the promises of hope that God made to Abraham are expanded in His promises to David the king. What are they? In the book of 1 Samuel, God promised that the son of David would be a man of the Spirit. And when David defeated the giant Goliath, God promised that the son of David would be a great deliverer. In the book of 2 Samuel, God promised the hope of His presence through His son, Jesus. And that Jesus would build God’s Temple with the hearts of those who call Him King.

Though David was a man who loved God, he failed God many times. He was an adulterer and a murderer. What hope is there for a failure like him at Christmas? Hope is not found in David, but in the son of David. Failure is in us, but hope is found in Jesus Christ; the man of the Spirit, who delivers from our sin, and brings us back to God.

Overwhelmed by failure, you can find the very hope of God this Christmas, when you find Jesus Christ, the son of David!

Come find Jesus and the hope of God with us this Sunday at 10am and again Christmas Eve at 7pm, at Christ Fellowship Church.