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Christ Fellowship Today: What happens inside the church?

Hi, I’m Scott Terry. Happy New Year from Christ Fellowship Today.

What does the average person on the street think happens in church? Many have no idea. Some will list things that I think are wonderful; like praying, singing, and reading Scripture; but that they find boring.

In the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church in Thessalonica, he talks about three things going on in the church that are really exciting; their works of faith, their labors of love, and their steadfast hope. Paul is convinced that these are the things that a real church is made of. He tells the people to continue in these three things and to excel in them.

Let’s take stock at the beginning of a New Year, by answering a couple of questions. First, what do you think the church is? Is it a building location? Is it an event held at a certain time? Or, is it the people of God? What you think the church is will shape your understanding of what the church does.

There are a million things the church could do. Praying, singing and proclaiming Scripture are necessary activities in the church. But the second question is threefold. Is the church growing in their faith in Christ and His gospel? Are the brothers and sisters excelling in their love for one another? And, are these redeemed people being filled with the unassailable hope that Jesus will return?

I want to be part of a church in which those things are happening. Come worship Jesus Christ at Christ Fellowship Church this Sunday at 10:00am.