Current instructions for our Worship Gatherings, in person and on line!

We welcome you to worship God with us every Sunday at 10am!

First of all, if you are not able to gather in person for any reason, please join us by live stream. You'll find us on our YouTube channel, Christ Fellowship Maine

If you are able to gather with us in person, here's what you need to know. We maintain 6' distancing inside the building and we wear facemasks. We have multiple restrooms, antibacterial hand soap, and hand sanitizer avialable. We pray, sing songs, hear a sermon and have communion. The person speaking on the platform may not be wearing a mask. Your kids will sit with you as there is no childcare at this time. We hope you will fellowship with us on the front lawn after the service.

Our members reserve their seats each week, which allows us to maximize seating capacity during the current 50 person limit. This also allows us to hold open visitor seats for you.  So please don't hesitate to come.

We look forward to welcoming you this Sunday at 10am!